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As part of mission, we buy web hosting and test it. We then share what we found on our web hosting reviews.

For this website, we want to know what it is like hosting with HostPapa. So here we are, with a website hosted on HostPapa servers.

Which Hosting Plan Are We Using?

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Results: HostPapa Uptime (August 2020 – Today)

We have been tracking the uptime of HostPapa with an UptimeRobot. The number shown below is data pulled from UptimeRobot through API, which is the total uptime ever since the tracker was set up.

(Tracked with

Results: HostPapa Server Speed Test Results

We have also put HostPapa to the test for its server response speed. We have pinged this website from 10 different locations around the world and assigned it a rating. Here are the results!

Rating: A+
Average Speed in the United States: 36.5 ms
Worldwide Average Speed: 130.4 ms
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